Monday, April 1, 2013

its been a while....

well it has been all together too long!  when i started this blog it was for me to keep track of sillies, challenges and fun times with my two little men.  Now that I have three little men I have all the more to keep track of...
Since my last post a lot has happened, most notably, a the birth of Ryker in December of 2011.  I am striving to update often, though not daily with little quips of the challenges facing three boys as they grow up :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First day of Kindergarden!

I cannot believe that my Wyatt has started school! Monday the 12th was Wyatt's official first day.  It was for 3 hours and I was expecting him to be delightfully excited for me to leave him to his love of learning.  Oh man was I shocked!  Wyatt screamed and cried and Mme Stolfi had to drag him into his class room.  I was heart broken for him.  And spent the 3 hours worrying if he was ok and feeling terrible that he missed me... Of course when Wolf and I returned to collect Wyatt he was too busy with his new friend to even say "Hi" to me.
His second day (first full day) was similarly filled with tears and I braced myself for a long transition to tear free goodbyes.  A cute little boy in line kept telling Wyatt not to worry, that school is fun and they "dont do ANY work!" and that he would hold his hand if Wyatt was sad.  When I picked him up from his first day he excitedly told me that he has 2 new girl friends!!! I asked what their names were and he replied, "I don't remember, but they are pretty".  He also told me that he "slept with a lot of girls" (read books on his blanket at quiet time with the girls).
I was pleasantly shocked when on the third day he happily ran from me and shouted, "Love you mom! have a good day! See you soon!" and lined up with his class.  Hoping for more drop offs like day 3 and years of fun at school for my Mr. Bright Eyes!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

come home to our house... please?

Wolf has been really missing me while I am at work and it just melts my heart! He called me today and asked me to "come home to our house peas" I told him I would at supper time and he got upset, in an attempt to make him happy I offered to bring home cookies for after supper to which he replied, "or maybe muffins".
What a cheeky little noodle! So now to decide, do I stop for muffins or bring him home cookies from work.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

where does the time go?

I simply cannot believe it! Wyatt is 4. We celebrated this weekend with family and friends and had an all around great time!

The birthday celebrations started first thing Saturday morning with Lucky Charms for breakfast. We then told Wyatt he could open one present (a new shirt that he could wear that day). 1 present quickly turned into 2 and we had him sit on the couch and close his eyes while Daddy brought up his brand new, not for babies, no training wheels bike! His eyes were so wide when he saw what he was getting. He didn't really believe it was for him. After the shock wore off he suited up in his new knee pads, elbow pads and gloves (and his old helmet) and off he went to see how he would transition from balance bike to pedal bike. I must say he did FANTASTIC!!! There was some initial confusion with the brakes being "pedal backwards" but here he is after 20minutes on the bike.
He still needs occasionally needs some help while starting, but for the most part does just awesome! I am so proud of him!

After 30 minutes of bike riding it was time to come in and get ready because Wyatt had a date with Grandad and Grandma Showna to go to Build a Bear. Wyatt has been looking forward to his Build-a-Bear adventure since February when Wolfgang went for his birthday. Wyatt was just extactic when Grandad and Grandma Showna came to pick him up. I am sure he talked their ears off all morning. When he came home with this bear...
I just smiled! The bear is SO Wyatt! Pink his his favorite colour and there is no talking him out of it when he has decided on something pink. This is a very special bear, because he plays music when hooked up to an iPod or MP3 player. Wyatt named his bear "Buba" and dressed him in racing PJs complete with Lightning McQueen slipper. And so that Wolfgang wouldn't be left out, Wyatt picked him a bear as well, meet "Camo" dressed in camo boxers because "they match!" Wyatt got home shortly after lunch, showed off his bike to Granada and Grandma Showna and then had a nap before his party.
Wyatt had a great time at his party with all of his friends. We borrowed a bouncy castle from friends which was a huge hit. Wyatt was such a treat to watch open presents. He didn't get upset when other helped him with paper tearing and offered to share his toys immediately upon being asked. He even gave his brother an unwrapped gift to open and gave him one of his new monster trucks to "keep forever and ever". It was a real proud moment for me to see him share so easily.

After cake and present we decided it was just too hot outside and let all the kids pile into our basement to have fun with the new toys and play with the all time favorites as well. Then there was time for some face painting, which quickly turned into "tattoo" painting and repeat trips to have a new "tattoo" applied. And before the sugar highs came crashing down... it was time to send all the little ones home for dinner and melt downs. By 5 we had the house all cleaned and Daddy was on his way in with Pizza dinner.

Sunday the festivities continued with more presents from Grandad and Grandma Showna and more yummy cupcakes. We took a break for celebrating on Monday, but Tuesday we were back at it (since Tuesday was officially his birthday). Nanny Susie arrived for morning coffee with treats in hand, gingerbread men and donuts. Daddy even let the boys have cookies and donuts before they had their breakfast! The boys then spent their morning burning off their "breakfast" playing with friends at the splash park. Nanny Susie returned after nap and took the boys to her house where more fun was to be had. Water balloons, squirt guns and general fun with Gator and Nanny Susie (and more cake and presents of course) made for a memorable birthday! Wyatt was so graceful opening presents, once again before the packages were even open offering toys to Wolfgang.

From tiny little baby to 4 Wyatt has grown into a little boy I am so proud to call my son. I am looking forward to the adventure of growing up with Wyatt.

quiet at bedtime isn't always a good thing...

Well its been ages since I last posted and I have no idea why! I really love to look back at the posts and see what fun and trouble the boys have gotten into! So... I am going to bring this back for me, and anyone else who might be interested in reading about the fun and antics we get up to!

This is my wonderful Wolfgang last week covered in diaper cream.


Wolf goes to bed around 7:30 Wyatt goes 20 or 30minutes later. On this night Wolfgang went to bed had his regular snuggles and all was quiet. It was almost time for Wyatt to go down when we heard the door to their room open. Out steps Wolfgang covered in diaper cream. I had to walk away so he wouldn't see me laughing! I took a moment to compose myself and then asked him what happened. He must have taken my concealed laughter as anger because he immediately broke into tears and yelling "I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

Daddy immediately took the task of cleaning Wolf (after one quick picture) while I got to tackle the 100% Wool carpet. (I think the carpet ended up easier to clean than Wolfgang).

Before sending him back to bed I asked Wolf what happened he said, "I needed butt cream". He was so sorry for what happened and I just thought, well good for him that he came to us when he realized he was in trouble and he couldn't fix it himself! It was obvious that his intent wasn't to cause trouble, the cream was on him and it was only transfer that made it to the carpet and door. It really looked like he wanted some cream and when he realized it was too much he tried to rub it away like sunscreen!

So in the end, I was proud of my cream covered monster for coming for help when he could have climbed into bed and pretended like nothing happened!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

stroy time

It doesn't seem to matter how crazy the day has been, or how wild the boys are, bed time is a fun time. I just love reading to the boys, and they love stories at bed time. Wolf has a slightly shorter attention span and doesn't always sit for the whole story, but he likes to pick books and start them, so its a start. Wyatt on the other hand seems to memorize books after reading them once. He loves to "read" the stories to me - which just melts my heart.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arts and Crafts

Wyatt has all of a sudden found his artistic side and love to draw and make play d'oh people. It is so awesome to see his scribbles turn into pictures and his imagination run wild! He is very particular about his drawings and if something is out of place he needs to start over. After a picture is finished he always tells me what he drew. The picture posted above is me. Dont see it? must be those huge boogers on my face. Turns out I needed a kleenex! LOL